Why Intermittent Fasting Is Good For Your Gut

Before we explain why intermittent fasting is good for your gut let’s go over what intermittent fasting is. Intermittent fasting isn’t exactly a diet rather a pattern of eating. You don’t have to change what it is you’re eating but you have to change when you’re eating. This pattern is designed to allow the digestive system and gastrointestinal system more of a break and more time to heal, repair, and rejuvenate between meals. 

How It Works

Practicing intermittent fasting consists of alternating cycles of fasting and eating. There are different patterns that can be used.

Daily: 16 hour fast followed by an 8 hour eating period.

Weekly: Eat regularly with one full 24 hour day a week spent fasting.

Alternating: Alternate fasting days every other day. A full 24 hours of eating regularly followed by a full day of fasting. 

For people dealing with digestive or gastrointestinal health issues the idea of intermittent fasting should at least be considered. Our gut doesn’t always get the proper break time it needs in order to be fully functioning at its highest level of greatness. When we are having gut issues, it's especially important to allow your gut to be able to get some rest in order to help fix the problems.


  • Healing Time: No matter the cycle you choose there is still time for the gut to heal and recoup after it’s done so much work already. If there is already a digestive issue then it is extremely important that the gut gets a break.
  • Rejuvenate: Not only does our gut require time to heal but it also needs time alloted for rejuvenation. Replenishing what’s been used or depleted helps keep the system strong and ready for a possible battle. 
  • Lose Weight: For those of you wanting to lose some weight while getting your gut in shape this form of fasting combined with a good diet and regular exercise might be an option for you.

  • Intermittent fasting can be a huge benefit as long as it is used properly and not abused. There is a process and you don’t want to cause harm in areas you’re trying to help. Before starting any intermittent fasting to help with your digestive health and gastrointestinal issues be sure to talk to a professional and see if it’s even a good idea for you and whatever your situation may be. Always do your research and now the facts before you go making any decisions that can affect your health.