How Fast Can You Heal A Leaky Gut?

How fast a person can heal a leaky gut depends on numerous things. There are always going to be different variables which all vary from person to person. Not to mention the variables that exist when it comes to the methods you are taking in order to heal and repair a leaky gut. Natural leaky gut treatment is one of the most popular methods used to heal the condition. Natural leaky gut antibiotics, leaky gut supplements, diet adjustments, and the addition of bone broth are all key essentials when it comes to healing your gut. For the best results it is beneficial to be sure to follow the entire process using all of the listed healing techniques. Let’s take a second to look into the benefits of using bone broth before we continue.

Using Bone Broth To Help Heal A Leaky Gut

Bone broth is nutrient dense  and using the right ingredients it can help ease and eliminate the symptoms caused by poor digestion. The broth contains collagen peptides which provide nourishment for the intestinal lining as well as, reducing inflammation. The collagen comes from the bones, it is released as they are cooked down. One of the great things about bone broth is that there are usually all kinds of spices, herbs, and vegetables added and if you choose wisely and accordingly you can reap many health benefits all in a bowl of soup.

Our gut health has an affect on our entire body so if there is any type of imbalance in the gut then there will soon be imbalances in other aspects of health too. Healthy gut integrity is important and adding bone broth to your regular diet can have a major positive impact. You can make it yourself, buy it from a store, and if you’re not into broth or bones there is always collagen a leaky gut supplement that can be used in its place. All you have to do is follow the directions and take the collagen supplement as directed. This is just one of the steps to healing a leaky gut. When used in combination with natural antibiotics, supplements, and the proper diet adjustments you’ll be headed down the path of healing but the question at hand is how fast can you heal a leaky gut?

Time Frame

We would love to say that there is a definite answer to the big question of “how long does it take to heal?’ the truth of the matter is that it depends on many things. For a normal healthy gut healing a leaky gut might only take a couple of weeks but for those patients who have a lot more going on it might take a few months for leaky gut to be healed. Let’s look at some of the variables pertaining to the healing of a leaky gut and the time it can take to heal the damage done. 

  • The Current Condition of Your Gut Health: If you have a healthy gut then your leaky gut might heal much faster than someone who has preexisting gastrointestinal and digestive health issues. Someone dealing with SIBO or small intestinal bacterial overgrowth is going to need a little more time than someone with a healthy gut.
  • The Existing Damage: The amount of damage caused by a leaky gut is going to reflect the amount of time it takes to heal. If you have large holes or tears your gut is going to need more time than a gut with small tears.
  • The Immune System: Of course, your immune system is going to have a huge impact on the time it takes to heal leaky gut syndrome. If your immune system is in great shape then your healing will likely be fairly quick but if you have a weakened immune system you’re going to have to build it up while trying to heal the condition which adds more time to the healing process. 

  • Again, the amount of time it takes to heal a leaky gut is going to vary from person to person. For some people it might only take a few weeks but unfortunately, in some cases it can take months and maybe even a year. There is no set time frame when it comes to any type of healing including the healing of a leaky gut. It’s best to take the natural path and be sure to follow the entire process as well if you want to see the best results.