Why Am I Not Healing?

Processed foods, stress-filled lifestyles, and a lack of exercise are some of the leading causes of the leaky gut syndrome. Leaky gut has become a common health condition, and it's the root cause of various health issues. Food sensitivities, autoimmune diseases, chronic exhaustion, and mood issues can all be caused by leaky gut syndrome!

Suppose you've been trying to heal your gut or any other health issue with no result. In that case, it could be that you've got to repair damage that's been done to the protective lining of the intestine.

5 Potential Reasons You're Not Healing

Remember, an unhealthy gut and microbiome can and will affect your overall health and wellness. If you've got an issue or ailment that won't go away, or you are struggling to heal from, talk to a doctor or specialist to see if your gut health may be a contributing factor.

You Need Supplements

Having the right supplements for your body is essential. There are specific supplements that help ease inflammation and repair the gut's lining. Having a leaky gut leads to the loss of beneficial bacteria our body needs. Using the right probiotics, digestive enzymes, and L-glutamine powder can benefit the cause greatly!

Bone Brot - Have you had any lately?

Chicken noodle soup or chicken soup is something commonly seen eaten when people are sick and healing. Bone broth is a critical component to healing leaky gut syndrome. The vital amino acids and minerals soothe and heal the gut's damaged lining. Drink soup, get plenty of amino acids, and the many healing minerals that target the gut.

How's Your Fiber Intake?

We mentioned probiotics earlier. These beneficial bacteria help regulate digestion and help eliminate harmful and toxic bacteria. Probiotics and fiber go together like PB&J, but even more hardcore. Fiber is food for the probiotics, and you want full, healthy, and happy bacteria, just not too many.

Chronic Stress Wreaks Havoc

Stress is normal, and the right amount every once in a while is healthy. When small stresses become too frequent, they can become chronic. Chronic stress weakens the body's immune system. Without a strong and healthy immune system, healing and recovery become difficult! It can be challenging to lessen or limit stress, but your body will slowly rebuild and repair if you can manage it.

Food Sensitivities or Intolerance

There is at least one food sensitivity a person will have if their leaky gut hasn't been treated over time. The symptoms of leaky gut are similar to so many other health issues that it takes tracking to help pinpoint the triggers' ad causes. If you know your gut is unhealthy and leaky, avoid food that irritates and makes it worse; otherwise, you're only causing more harm.

Our body operates and functions as a system with core areas or parts included. Our gut, brain, heart, and lungs are all equally important, and our total body health depends on a healthy gut, or else things go awry quickly. A leaky gut often remains undiagnosed because it starts as an annoyance that fades in and out of the background until it finally flares up. By then, the damage could be intense.