Do I Need A Break From My Probiotics?

Probiotics are living yeast and bacteria that are beneficial and necessary for our digestive system. Having a healthy microbiome helps us have a healthy body in its entirety. Do we need to add probiotics to our system daily? Is it reasonable to take a break? Let's talk about that!

How Often We Need Probiotics

There is no set answer to this question because the answer is different for everyone. However, the typical recommendation is that probiotics should be taken daily. A daily dose of healthy probiotics has proved to be highly advantageous.

How Many Times A Day Are Probiotics Recommended?

Again, that answer varies based on the person and the actual colony-forming units (CFSs). Five Billion CFUs is a general average dosage once a day. There's no reason to sell yourself short or over-consume.

When Should I Take Probiotics?

The short answer is in the morning. It's best and most effective to take a daily dose of probiotics right before you eat your first meal of the day. If you forget to take your probiotics, you can wait until right before your next meal to do so. Please don't make it a habit. If you miss a day completely, there's no need to double up the next day. Take the regular dose the next day.

It is entirely safe to take probiotics on a daily basis. Having a consistent routine can increase the probiotic benefits. They're natural so far; no research mentions anything about it being unsafe to do.

Taking A Break From Probiotics

Many people are curious whether it's safe to take a break from probiotics. Yes, it is entirely safe and ok to do. Check with your body. A couple of days off from taking probiotic supplements allows you to check your body and see how it feels. Take a break from probiotics once a month for a day or two and reassess.

Talk to someone trained or knowledgeable about probiotics and gut health before jumping too far into a new regimen. It's possible to be too extra or not enough. Monitor your symptoms, foods you're eating, how you feel, and use that info to see if your body needs more or less.

Probiotics are incredible, and prebiotics is food for them. You can take probiotic supplements or add some extra fiber to your daily diet. Our gut health has a massive impact on our general health and well-being. The better shape it is in, the better our entire body will function.