Signs Your Leaky Gut Is Healing

Signs Your Leaky Gut Is Healing

As with any healing process, there are various signs that let a person know that they are healing. Take a surface wound for instance, as the wound heals the area goes through a process beginning with redness and inflammation. Inflammation is a sign both inside and out that healing is taking place. The one problem with the healing relating to the interior is that we can’t exactly see what is going on and how it’s happening. We just have to watch for different aspects of how things heal inside as opposed to outside and sometimes the healing process is similar.

In order to begin the healing process it is important to follow the natural leaky gut treatment which uses the 4 Rs as a form and system of healing.

The 4 Rs

  • Remove: Removing the root of the problem helps eliminate future and repeat damage.
  • Replace: Replace the vitamins and minerals and things of that nature in order to repair the damage done.
  • Reinoculate: We sometimes lose some of the beneficial bacteria in our gut that is necessary for digestion and balanced gut health. Leaky gut supplements can be used to help repopulate the beneficial colony of bacteria. 
  • Repair: The last step is to repair any of the damage done due to leaky gut and whatever caused it. Repairing and replenishing is so important because it is a part of being prepared so it doesn’t happen again. 

  • 5 Signs Your Gut’s Healing

  • Food Sensitivities Lessen: Food sensitivities seem to lessen during the healing process and in some cases they go away completely. As your body heals, the damaged cells causing the sensitivity to foods can be repaired or regenerated which eliminates the irritation.
  • Improvement in Lab Tests: Autoimmune labs are taken to monitor the levels of various things going on with the body. Through the healing process labs will be drawn and the results with be kept track of. This allows room for the leaky gut treatment plan to be adjusted to suit the needs of an individual because our bodies are different. As you heal your levels are going to improve.
  • Digestive Issues Lessen or Go Away: As the GI and digestive tract heals many of the digestive issues a patient has will lessen or go away completely. It is possible for the symptoms to fluctuate but if you stick to a proper diet and the healing treatment than it’s possible for the issues to be fully healed. 
  • Skin Issues Clear Up: Any skin issues that developed because of leaky gut syndrome will usually begin clearing up as the gut starts to heal and get rebalanced. They may not clear up completely but there should be a noticeable difference and if there isn’t then it might be a good idea to use some leaky gut supplements that specifically nourish the skin. 
  • General Well-Being Is Returning: As your gut health and all of the 4 rs are addressed and in action the entire body begins to feel better to a certain degree. If there are underlying issues that may also be affecting your general health than you may only notice small effects for a time. A healthy gut is a happy gut and when the gut is in good shape the rest of the body does pretty well also.

  • If you have already went through the healing process and your leaky gut symptoms return, talk to your doctor or practitioner to have the issue addressed as quickly as possible.