How To Build & Stregnthen Your Gut's Microbiome

Our microbiome consists of trillions of tiny living microbes in our guts. These
microbes are mood elevators that work non-stop to create serotonin and
dopamine, also known as happy chemicals. Having a diverse, thriving microbiome
can help our overall health on several levels, including our mental health. They
also curve and prevent urges to over-eat and regulate our digestive system.
Let's look at some excellent ways we can ensure our gut is happy and healthy.
1.Eat Your Veggies: Our gut needs vegetables full of fibers that might be difficult to
digest but the bacteria in our gut feasts on it. Diets rich in fresh fruits and veggies
are believed to be less likely to grow disease-causing bacteria. Leeks, asparagus,
broccoli, and spinach are all excellent options.
2.Avoid Processed Food & Refined Sugars: Let's start with the sugar. A little is ok,
but the problem is that these sugars are digested very quickly, and our microbes
don't have enough time to get a bite. Too many simple sugars indulged too often
can starve our microbiome, literally. Food that is over-processed like junk food is
just that, junk! Our body, including our microbiome, depends on nutrient-rich
food, and without it, our body struggles to thrive.
3.Get Your Regular Dose of Probiotics: Sometimes, our gut needs to be
replenished with healthy bacteria. Not the harmful bacteria, the good stuff that we
need. Probiotics will provide your system with a fresh batch, and your tummy will
thank you for it. You can eat fermented food like sauerkraut and pickles or take a
probiotic supplement.
4.Try To Avoid Antibiotics: Antibiotics clear out bacteria as they should since
that's their job. The trouble with that is that antibiotics have no way of
differentiating the beneficial bacteria and wreaking havoc. Of course, if you're sick
and need antibiotics to help you, by all means, take them. Remember to follow up
with some probiotics to give you a boost and keep a happy balance.
5.Prebiotics: Prebiotics are food for our gut's microbiome. Without sufficient
amounts of healthy food, the microbiome will have difficulties handling everyday
tasks, including managing our entire nervous system. Whole grains, apples,
onions, leeks, garlic, cocoa extracts, bananas, nuts, and more are great choices.
6.Get Enough Sleep: Our body heals and repairs itself while we sleep. Erratic sleep
patterns cause the risk of disrupting our microbiome. These disturbances can also
cause inflammatory diseases. Try to get your total of eight hours as often as you
7.Limit Unnecessary Stress: Stress is a part of life, but the more we deal with it, the
worse our entire body system can be. Stress is one of the leading causes of disease
and illness. Try to manage your stress levels in a healthy way to avoid issues.
If our microbiome is out of whack, we can expect that other aspects of our health
and wellness will be affected as well. Get your gut healthy and keep it that way.
Remember, our gut health impacts our entire body system, so it's worth working