Can You Cure SIBO Fast?

SIBO or small intestinal bacterial overgrowth can be linked to various medical conditions that affect the gut, as well as, ones that affects the immune system. Curing SIBO can take time, especially when the patient isn’t aware of the underlying medical condition that is triggering the overgrowth of bacteria. There are numerous variations of probabilities that dictate how long curing SIBO can actually take. Things like how bad the case of SIBO is, if the patient is using a specialized diet, the underlying condition, and if the underlying condition is known and being treated.

Variations in Time

 In terms of how long it takes to cure SIBO this varies just like the causes vary. Every person’s gut microflora is unique and their SIBO condition a little different  The root causes being different for individuals also plays a role in how long it might take. For some it’s only a few weeks and sadly, for others it might take a year or so before it’s cured.

  • SIBO treatment will be necessary, you can use pharmaceutical or natural herbal antibiotics. Pharmaceutical antibiotics are generally prescribed with a timeline of 14 days of the dosage. SIBO supplements can take a little bit longer to be effective but they aren’t as harsh or harmful as the pharmaceuticals. Studies show that herbal supplements are just as effective for curing SIBO if not more effective than the pharmaceutical antibiotics. 
  • Implementing a SIBO diet can also affect how long it takes to cure the condition. Whether you use a SIBO diet or make minor dietary adjustments to your regular diet, it can have a positive effect. By no means does a SIBO diet cure the condition it simply helps ease the symptoms and cut back on the development of new bacteria.
  • The type of SIBO you’re dealing with can have an affect on the time it takes to cure the condition. Hydrogen vs. Methane SIBO means either a stronger dosage of antibiotics or an extended time of use.
  • Addressing the underlying condition has a lot to do with the amount of time it takes before treatment is effective. The longer it takes to find and treat the underlying condition is the longer it’s going to take to cure SIBO. 

So the time it takes to cure SIBO depends on all of the above factors and each individual. Some people might be cured in 2-weeks to a month, others might need a few months before they are cured, and those with unaddressed underlying issues might take a year or more before they are cured. SIBO treatment varies from person to person and to each their own healing time. You can’t always rush healing. The sooner you start on treating you SIBO condition the sooner you will start to regain your health.