Can Malnutrition Be Caused By SIBO?

SIBO or small intestinal bacterial overgrowth seems to be the cause of a lot of negative health issues and that’s because it can cause a lot of trouble. An overgrowth of bacteria can be caused by several things and it is a sign that there is some type of existing issues taking place in the tiny universe called your gut. 

Malnutrition can absolutely be caused by small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. When there is an overgrowth of bacteria a lot of things in our body go a little out of whack, ok sometimes a lot out of whack. Too many bacteria in the gut is nothing like seeing how many clowns will fit into a clown car. Over time there are too many bacteria and they tend to slip outside of the walls of confinement in the gut and elsewhere into the body which can lead to a lot of health issues.

How It Works

There are certain strains of bacteria that reside in our gut that are beneficial and necessary for proper gut functions including digestion. Without the beneficial bacteria our food wouldn’t get broken down and it wouldn’t be absorbed through the intestine into our bloodstream where it needs to be in order to make its way to where it is needed. Even if the bacteria is the good kind when there are too many it leads to SIBO and possibly malnutrition.

The bacteria in our gut need to eat and they love to feed on carbs and sugars. When there is the right amount there is no issue at all but when there is an excess this means there are even more mouths to feed. That being said, the more bacteria eating is the less your body is going to get out of the food you consumed. This can lead to feeling hungry even after eating a meal. 

Malabsorption occurs when the body isn’t absorbing the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals needed in order for our entire body to function properly. If SIBO is left untreated there is a higher risk of dealing with malnutrition. Slowly but surely you will begin feeling fatigued and weak, brain fog and memory loss sets in because the fuel we need is being used for the bacteria.

How Do You Stop It?

Natural SIBO treatment is designed to handle the overgrowth of bacteria and heal the gut without causing more damage to your system. Natural SIBO antibiotics are less likely to cause further issues. The overuse of pharmaceutical antibiotics will lead to the bacteria becoming resistant to it and this means it will do nothing for you. SIBO supplements will help your gut heal and recover from the overgrowth. If you think you might have an overgrowth of bacteria talk with your doctor about getting a breath test to check this way the issue can be handled before it gets out of control.

When in doubt get it checked out. A healthy gut is a happy gut and this means a healthier YOU! Digestive and gastrointestinal issues can become bigger problems if they are left untreated so be sure you talk to your doctor about any issues you may be dealing with.