Can Leaky Gut Cause Joint Pain?

Intestinal permeability, AKA , leaky gut syndrome is one of the major sources of chronic inflammation. Inflammation isn’t always bad and destructive, it is actually a part of the healing process. In a balanced  healthy body, inflammation is a chemical protection system used for our benefit. Viruses and bacteria are viewed as foreign invaders and when they are present the immune cells or lymphocytes are alerted. Lymphocytes secrete cytokines, chemicals that attract more cells to help destroy the threat. It’s the body’s way of calling for back-up. Acute inflammation is a natural part of protecting and healing the body, chronic inflammation is the opposite, it can be destructive and damaging..

There is the joint pain caused by the chronic inflammation and then there is joint pain due to the bacteria that is escaping the intestine.

The Connection

Damage to the intestinal wall lining can result in cracks, holes, rips, and tears in the gut and this allows bacteria, food particles, and things that shouldn’t pass through enter the bloodstream. This triggers an immune response which triggers the inflammation, and from here a vicious cycle begins. Chronic inflammation can lead to a leaky gut and a leaky gut can lead to chronic inflammation! You must address both medical issues in order to heal the gut properly. Joint pain can be caused by chronic inflammation and it can also be caused by the bacteria escaping the intestine and affecting other areas of the body.

Our gut health has so much to do with our general health and well-being. The more research done the more truth is revealed about how extremely important our overall gut health really is to the rest of our system. Poor gut health can lead to medical conditions and diseases, as well as, mental health issues. It’s necessary to begin healing the gut and inflammation at the same time since they play out so much on each other. Fighting off the bacteria and managing the damage done will have some pretty impressive results.  

Natural leaky gut treatment places a focal point on healing the gut in all aspects. Leaky gut supplements can help heal your gut, the damage done to the gut will need some repairs and nutrients will need to be replaced so the healing can take place and the body can rebuild its natural defenses and the immune response system. Leaky gut syndrome is becoming more recognized as the culprit when it comes to a lot of different health issues. Inflammation and joint pain are two side-effects caused by a leaky gut. Healing your gut will help the whole body start to heal as well.