Leaky Gut and Chronic Inflammation

Intestinal permeability, also known as, leaky gut syndrome is one of the major sources of chronic inflammation. Inflammation isn’t always negative and destructive, it is actually a part of the body’s healing process. In a balanced and healthy body inflammation is a chemical protection system. Viruses and bacteria are viewed as foreign invaders and when they are present the immune cells or lymphocytes are alerted. Lymphocytes secrete cytokines, chemicals that attract more cells to help destroy the threat. It’s the body’s way of calling for back-up. Acute inflammation is a natural part of protecting and healing the body, chronic inflammation is the opposite, it’s a case of trouble.

Inflammation becomes destructive when it is unyielding and never stops and that’s what makes it chronic. When acute inflammation becomes chronic inflammation the healing becomes harmful.The inflammatory cytokines damage the foreign invaders but when it is persistent/non-stop it begins damaging the good cells too. This disrupts the natural balance of hormones. Chronic inflammation can be damaging to the gut and mental health as well. Diseases stem from chronic inflammation not acute inflammation!

The Connection

Damage to the intestinal wall lining can result in cracks, holes, rips, and tears in the gut and this allows bacteria, food particles, and things that shouldn’t pass through enter the bloodstream. This triggers an immune response which triggers the inflammation, and from here a vicious cycle begins. 

Our gut health has so much to do with our general health and well-being. The more research that’s being done the more truth is coming out about just how important our overall gut health truly is to the rest of our system. Poor gut health can lead to medical conditions and diseases, as well as, mental health issues. It’s necessary to begin healing the gut and inflammation at the same time since they play out so much on each other. 

Natural leaky gut treatment focuses on healing the gut in all aspects. The damage done to the gut will need to be repaired and nutrients will need to be replaced so the healing can progress and the body can rebuild its natural defenses and the immune response system. Leaky gut syndrome and chronic inflammation each play a big role with one another. They seem to go hand in hand and that’s why it’s important to heal all of the issues regarding the gut in order to relieve the entire body.