Is Fiber Good For A Leaky Gut?


Dietary fiber is important for a healthy diet. Fiber can improve the microbiome similarly to probiotics. When fiber becomes fermented by the bacteria or gut flora, short-chain-amino acids called bytyrates are produced. This short-chain amino acid stimulates mucus production, as well as, improving the tight junctions that line the intestinal tract. When these tight junctions are damaged it causes a leaky gut.

Several studies show a strong link between high-fiber diets and healthier lives. A 2017 study shows us that fiber is intimately tied to our gut microbes and they’re both extremely important. The right kind of fiber feeds the beneficial bacteria in our gut. The mucus barrier lowers inflammation throughout the body. The more beneficial bacteria we have in our system the thicker the mucus wall becomes. The beneficial bacteria aid in the digestion process in a really big way.

Did you know our gut biome changes seasonally and at times it can change throughout the course of one day. Eating too much fiber can cause gas, intestinal blockages, and digestive stress which is all counterproductive to healing our gut.  Consuming a diverse selection of both soluble and insoluble fiber is the key.

If you have digestive health issues like leaky gut a high-fiber diet can be extremely beneficial if it is properly balanced. Talk with your doctor or a nutritionist about what types of fiber is best for you and your gut, as well as, how much of it you should have and how often you should have it. This will help you heal your leaky gut more specifically to your case of leaky gut. 

Insoluble vs. Soluble

There are two different types of fiber found naturally in various foods including fruits and vegetables.

Insoluble Fiber: This kind of fiber is thought of as roughage. It is the tougher fiber out of the two and it doesn’t dissolve in water. It helps pull everything together to help us go to the bathroom without trouble avoiding constipation. 

Soluble Fiber: This fiber is soft and sticky. It dissolves rather easily and absorbs through our intestine and our bloodstream providing us with all of the vitamins and nutrients.

Bot types of fiber are very important but depending on what kind of digestive health issues you have will change the outcome of the fiber you might need. Insoluble fiber can be damaging to an already damaged gut if you eat too much of it. Since it helps bulk up the food waste it can lead to more inflammation if too much is consumed at once. 

Natural leaky gut treatment is the best available. Leaky gut supplements are essential to healing a leaky gut. Diet is also has a huge impact on our gut health so the better you eat the better you should feel.