Is Coffee Bad For A Leaky Gut?


There has always been debate surrounding coffee, its benefits, and its downfalls. Some people believe coffee is good for your health while others believe it’s something that can be detrimental to your health. The truth is both sides are right, coffee can be both good and bad for your gut health. If you’re a coffee drinker and you happen to have a leaky gut get ready for a big let down. Coffee is definitely very bad for a leaky gut and can make conditions worse.

A Little Bit About Coffee & The Gut

Inside of our gut is a small ecosystem and it requires the proper elements in order to function properly. According to several studies, coffee can lead to a more diverse bacterial microbiome in long-term java drinkers. Diversity is a crucial key component of a healthy gut. Bacteria is beneficial to our gut  helping the digestion process, as well as, better enabling us to be able to absorb and store the vital nutrients we need to survive and thrive. Often times bacteria is viewed as negative and destructive but when it comes to our gut health it is needed and important. Black coffee is best for gut health but only for those with a healthy gut. 

Coffee & A Leaky Gut

. Before we proceed, there is some good news, once your leaky gut is healed and revitalized you just might be able to pick your coffee back up you just have to be mindful about the consumption and be aware of any symptoms. For those out there struggling with gut issues any way you drink coffee can be having a negative impact on your insides. One thing we know for sure is that coffee usually has a high acidity level. The high acidity of coffee can adversely affect the lining of the intestine. Since people with leaky gut are already experiencing such an issue it is a good idea to stay far away from anything that is going to further aggravate and already aggravated situation.

Coffee is bad for a leaky gut whether we want to hear it or not. It can be difficult to give up some of the things we love that are such a big part of our daily life and routine. Using natural leaky gut treatment can help cure the condition and once you’re healed and restored to good standing gut health again you might be able to reintroduce that morning cup of sunshine back into your diet. Leaky gut supplements and leaky gut probiotics are an essential part of treating leaky gut, as well as, managing your diet specific to what triggers your leaky gut symptoms.